Welcome to Street Fest

Street Fest celebrates creativity and elements of street culture & lifestyle. It brings together street food, music, arts, design, film, fashion, sports, talents, entertainment and sustainable initiatives in a form of pop-up events and activities throughout the year.

Street Fest is a collaborative effort of various community and production groups initiated by Street Artistry Inc – a not-for-profit organisation that finds, funds, nurtures and provides opportunities and support to enable exceptional and gifted street talents to flourish and make their dreams an artistry of skills. Established as a platform of celebration and expression for talented communities who aspire to excel and promotes positivity within the local community.

Street Fest occasionally conducts its own events as well as co-exists with other events and/ or is a featured arena within other events. It activates venues and is commonly used as platform for branding, promotional and experiential activities. It promotes the dynamic host city, its vibrant residents and the extravagant talents of local artists while preserving its rich and diverse culture. Venues are transformed into vibrant stages for exotic food, street art, music, cultural showcases and entertainment including live performances.

The event provides opportunities for visitors to indulge in diverse, distinctive and delicious flavours from select best street food vendors including food trucks, food carts, gourmet food stalls and hand-crafted beverages while enjoying the eclectic collection of tunes to chill out to. Host of performances showcases some of the best street talent and sub-cultural performances to keep visitors entertained.

The event is also aimed to create a platform for emerging artists and designers to showcase their works in a creative, energetic ‘Design Hub’. With a strong focus on sustainable art, recycling and adaptive re-use we will encourage all our artists to use recycled materials. We work with home-grown brands, with an aim to support the local design industry and showcase our very own home-grown talent.

Street Fest reaches and targets local residents of all ethnicities. The event series appeal to mainstream audiences as well as international visitors / tourists and attracts people who live in both urban centres and from interstate. With income to dispose of and a lifestyle to maintain, visitors to events represent the 16+ age group AB socio economic demographic.

Street Fest offers a unique marketing and promotional opportunity across a number of placements and activities pre, at and post the event. Various levels of partnerships, sponsorships and festival participations are available. Street Fest is committed to environmental sustainability and the enhancement of the social and economic infrastructure of its localities.

Branding & Commercial Opportunities

Street Fest welcomes donations, sponsorships and offers ideal opportunities for companies, businesses and organisations to expose their brands to thousands of lucrative, affluent consumers. This simultaneously achieves direct return on investments and extensively promotes brands and businesses through its pre, present and post-event communications and promotional programs across multiple marketing and media platforms.

Various strategic and supporting partnership programs are available for both government and commercial organisations to participate in the support of events.

  • Sponsorships
  • Various levels of sponsorship are available including Title/ Naming Rights, Presenting, and State, Gold & Silver Sponsorships.
  • Media Partnership
  • The program is an active initiative to align your media brands with the event whilst promoting direct commercial returns and incentive benefits for your clients.
  • Stall Vendors
  • Each event vendor has the ability to sell products and make direct return on investment. There are various trade participation packages and promotional opportunities available.


By being a volunteer you may be taking part as our official team at events and other activities throughout the year or simply helping us with whatever tasks required at times.